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I’ve always had a passion for developing my photography into art. That desire was fueled early in my life when I was still shooting film and utilizing a darkroom to process the images. Holding the final print in your hands offered a world of experience in understanding how the light on a subject materializes. Trial and error rooted out a lot of unnecessary steps. Years later, when I was given a digital camera, it further simplified that process. This, along with all the editing possibilities. As a result, I follow a disciplined workflow that involves both Lightroom and Photoshop. I often convert an image to black and white and tint it to expand its tonal range. I’ll add sepia tone for example, because there’s an immediacy and purity in the tint and it gives the entire image a balanced richness and depth.

I use a SONY A7RII mirrorless camera with a hi-resolution full frame sensor. The LCD panel on the back enables a more comfortable view of the subject. Since the image is rendered instantly, the power to compensate for exposure, ISO and depth of field are right at my fingertips. I manipulate the aperture to control the background focus. This moving in and out of areas of focus within the frame is often the most affective way to isolate subject matter, if not soften unnecessary background.

For subjects, I like to work with botanicals, where curving lines created by the foliage are often dramatic and full of movement. Rich unfolding leaves give off an ebullience, while bold forms and patterns make for great black and white images. I’m also fascinated with the nautical theme and everything coastal. The atmosphere is always bright with a quality unique to the coast. Here buoys are fun and playful, conveying everything you’d expect to see at the ocean. This rarefied atmosphere only heightens their colorations, while complimentary fishing paraphernalia emboldens the nautical theme. Their still life-like groupings transport us back to the sea because of their familiarity and associations.

My journey in photography has evolved and while my skills have become honed, my interest in different subject matter is often ignited by striking lighting. I’m also fascinated with the abstraction of images and the full use of editing software to obscure the overall impression, as can be seen in my gallery of Auto Pop Art. This exploration of the art is always at the forefront of my interest and will always be a part of my work.